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Whether you’re trying to chase the biggest DJ sets, discover the underground sounds of tomorrow or seek out the best insights the electronic music industry can offer, the Amsterdam Dance Event is your skeleton key to every door. Our community is abuzz ahead of this year’s edition of ADE, the world’s leading electronic music summit, […]

MEDUZA and James Hype are taking a stance against excessive smartphone filming at shows with a new initiative aiming to “preserve the authenticity” of club culture and live music experiences. Collectively known as Our House, the dance music superstars are pointing to the rampant lack of presence and in-the-moment enjoyment at today’s concerts, where crowds often prioritize […]

After reports surfaced indicating that Hollywood studios may be willing to make concessions amid the Writers Guild of America strike with regards to how AI is leveraged in the creative process, a new battlefront is emerging in the halls of the music industry.  Last week, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), hosted […]

A new study conducted by Word List Finder has revealed the electronic dance music songs that garner the most lyric searches. The study examined Google search results from January 2019 to July 2023 and broke down which tracks had the most searches for their lyrics across a number of genres. With regards to the EDM category, David Guetta […]

The new light of Sin City is expected to open for its first official concert on September 29th, and anticipation is already building as to which artists will grace its jaw-dropping stage. The $2.3 billion MSG Sphere complex first lit up the Las Vegas strip in early July, and it hasn’t ceased to leave the […]‘s 2023 European Press Tour is landing in Amsterdam for the second edition of “Insider Access: Global Networking Event” at ADE. From London, Tulum, Miami and Vancouver, the event has provided music enthusiasts with an informative networking experience that connects creatives across the industry. In the spirit of the world’s leading electronic music summit,‘s […]

In the ever-expanding circus of digital tech absurdities, the latest sideshow attraction is, a streaming platform claiming to be the world’s first to exclusively feature AI-generated music. Dripping in snake oil, puts the “meh” in melody. By featuring dodgy tracks that are banned from other platforms, the company plans to become the “Spotify for AI hit […]

Google and Universal Music Group are in talks to develop an AI-powered tool for users to create “deepfake” music using other artists’ existing work, the Financial Times reports. The deal would reportedly pay copyright owners for the use of their likeness, and they would have the option to grant Google and UMG permission to license their work […]

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But what if that owes not to your debauchery, but to the fact that you can’t quite put your experience into words? That adage has always been more of a verbal hall pass for bad decisions, but now it’s being redefined by AREA15, the world’s most […]

After an explosive 2022 for live music, 2023 has set the stage for even more growth in the years to come.  In Live Nation’s Q2 earnings call, President and CEO Michael Rapino told investors that amidst a record year for the company, the live music sector has not only returned, but it’s also becoming bigger […]