Month: June 2023

The Recording Academy has gone public with its stance on AI: “Only human creators are eligible to be submitted for consideration for, nominated for, or win a GRAMMY Award.” The Academy’s new rules come at a time when the role of AI in the future of music creation has become a topic of consternation. Speaking […]

Major electronic dance music forums on Reddit have joined a coordinated blackout in regards to recent policy changes on the platform.  Reddit recently announced its plan to assess a controversial fee structure to third party developers leveraging the platform’s API, which has since drawn sweeping backlash from users and developers alike. Over 3,500 subreddits are […]

What does artificial intelligence mean for the future of music production? In a new survey, music producers weighed in on AI and whether the burgeoning field will be a friend or foe to their creative ends. Verses from the contentious AI Drake—among other artists—are blowing up on streaming services, while big tech innovators such as […]

Collaborative projects lead to significantly more streaming success on Spotify, new research from the platform indicates. They’ve now quantified the impact of collaborations, the releases of which lead to higher streaming numbers and more organic searches while expanding the artists’ reach in new locations. Spotify calls this phenomenon “The Crossover Effect.” “We took a look […]